daydream (Eng Trans)


Raon – daydream aka Hakuchuumu (English Translation Lyrics)[HIGH CARD Season 2 Ending Song]

Year: 2024


Standing in a daze
Alone in the twilight
I’m tired of waiting
For a tomorrow so far

No matter how far I go
My shadow stretches back
Drifting along, I’m forever in a

I ran through a meadow
I wonder if it still welcomes me?
The scene that always comes to mind
Someday becomes a faint dream

Drifting on and on

I open up my hands
And raise them to the sky
Dream or reality?
I can never tell

The darkness I thought I tamed
Is approaching me these days
I count on my fingers and it melts
Into sighs

Light falls down on me
Like it’s embracing me
I want to breathe in a kind world
As for the meaning of my flowing tears,
I still don’t understand

Drifting on and on

Being able to laugh like that
I can live like that
But my heart is never fulfilled
Time passes me by
I can’t keep up, forever in a

These idle days I close my eyes to dream
And wait to wake up in the morning
Someday for sure, just like back then
In a faint dream again
Drifting on and on

Official translation.