For Days To Come (Eng Trans)


Crush – For Days To Come (English Translation Lyrics)

Year: 2023


The poison accumulated overnight becomes a wall
I woke up with a puff of cigarette
Hoping for me to just flow away
My head falls down to the ground
I don’t want to do anything
Forced to fit in

I’m anxious and it’s eating me
Why is my heart beating so fast? (Why)
I need an excuse whenever I look in the mirror
When you want to cry, what do you do with your tears?

I’d rather stay as someone ordinary
I’m not anyone, I’m telling you to shut up
I want to close my ears just for a moment
Just until I find you
Just until you find me
Just until I find it

I’ll find you, I’ll just be patient until then
For me
For me
For me again
For me again, for days to come
For me


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