Chris Mann Lyrics

Artist: Chris Mann
Song: Thank U Frontline
Album: Thank U Frontline – Single
Year: 2020


How ’bout taking a moment to thank the frontline
How ’bout thinking of others who can’t stay home
How ’bout fighting to get these workers protection
How ’bout standing up for the ones we love

Thank you doctors
Thank you nurses
Thanks for working the frontline
Thank you scientists
Thank you pharmacists
Thanks for working overtime

How ’bout reigning it in for the bigger picture
How ’bout putting another before yourself
How ’bout appreciating what we took for granted
How ’bout slow clapping those who are soldiering on

Thank you Amazon
Thank you grocery clerks
Thank you all-night truck drivers
Thank you janitors
Thanks, mail carriers
Thank you selfless volunteers

The moment we can all buckle down
The sooner the moment this all will be over
There’s so many ways to help out
Let us start by giving thanks

To everyone who’s sick we’re sending you love
To everyone who’s struggling, I feel you
I so do
How ’bout governing without all the politics
How’ bout working together for the greater good

Thank you garbage men
and Firewomen
Teachers holding class online
Thank you companies changing strategies
To make more medical supplies

Factory workers
First responders
Civil service employees
Thank you farmers
Thank you journalists
Thank you military
Bless the unemployed
The house workers
and the work-at-home parents

Thank you…