Bloom (Eng Trans)


Yang Hee Eun x Chen – Bloom (English Translation Lyrics)

Year: 2023


Like being in a long, long dream
Always lost, walking in circles
No one is here and nobody is looking for me
In the dark is where I stand

Wasted and aching were my nights
Cold and lonely they were
A flower bud sealed tight
By a sudden miracle
May it bloom and blossom

You want to say something
Without an end, I wait
Even in the darkest of days
There is still hope

Wasted and aching were your nights
Embracing them in my little arms
A flower longing to bloom
Like a sudden miracle
May its heady fragrance rise

Be my little light
May the roots reach deep
Be like that dream
But even more beautiful
Unfold and bloom

Long nights
Cold and lonely they were
A heart yet to bloom
slowy pass by
Over the depthless darkness
A blossom of flower at last

Official translation.