Deep Down (Eng Trans)


Aimer – Deep Down (English Translation Lyrics)[Chainsaw Man Ending 9]

Year: 2022


The cry of life ceased into the dark
and once unwound, it dispersed the words
To fall asleep into the deep, deep twilight zone
let the red fingers close those eyes

As if in awe, like a discipline wallowing in blood
like a rain falling onto the scar, let the pain engrave
In the herd of wanderers not knowing where to come down to
I lost another piece

I don’t understand but I want to understand the tears I throw away again without picking them up
It doesn’t reach, it’s not heard the clinging voice and the awaken nonsense
The shadow that resides in the in-between has forgotten what it lost
Since when have you been smiling there?
I feel you deep deep deep deep down

Woke up showered by a moment of cold rain
I dispersed a murmurous confession
I shrugged off the vague, vague illusion and
lies revealed their outlines

As if to grovel, like a wedge piercing the heart
it tears apart the memories so much that I hold my breath and resist
While the fraying hope was still imprinted on the fading world
I just held onto you

I’m not letting you go but I want to let you go Without being cured, there’s a sign of clinging on
There’s no turning back; it doesn’t resonate with the voice that slipped away and the heartbeat that I strummed
I obtained what I wanted overpowered by the heavenly and the loss
How long have I been tracing time?
I call you deep deep deep deep down

Official translation.