Taeyeon – By My Side (English Translation Lyrics)

Year: 2022


Beyond the blue sea
Is there anything I want to find?
Why do we always
Will we regret only after losing each other?

In that setting sun
Is there anything I want?
Why do I always
Will I miss you, who is already happy?

Don’t disappear like this
I will remember my youthful days
Even after a long time
Stay in our world

In the scattered clouds
Is there something I forgot?
Why do you always
I can’t leave you as a sculpture

Our distance is getting farther away
Even if I try to narrow it down again
I’m still in my place
I can’t approach you

The time I already lost
I can’t let you go
Someday I’ll have to smile when I find you

Hope to see you again
I will wait for you
Even after a long time
Stay in our world