Acacia (Eng Trans)


Song: アカシア (Acacia)(English Translation)
Album: Gravity – Single
Year: 2020


Let’s go, a crystal clear light is waiting for us.
That’s how this all began, with a reason so bright that it could make us forget.

Even in the pouring rain, we still stomp and shout to see who’s the loudest.
We can keep singing without the sun, from your voice, from my voice, the world sings as one.

The day that I found you, you found me, too.
Now whenever our eyes meet, our laughter says more than our words.

We’re still a long way from where we want to go, but I could stay here for the rest of my life.
Next to you (next to you), here by your side, my soul cries out that this is where I belong.
Through tears, through laughter, through good times or bad,
I want you (next to me) in the good seats, our breaths in perfect harmony.

No matter what fate awaits us, I’ll take your hand in mine and never let go.
Next to you (next to you), here by your side, our souls cry out that this is where we belong.
And when our reasons shine bright, embracing us in their light,
I want you to see how you look in my eyes, next to me (next to me) in the good seats.

I want you to know that you’re here.

That’s how this all began.

Official translation.

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