BTS Lyrics

Artist: 방탄소년단 (BTS)
Song: Skit (English Translation)
Album: BE (Deluxe)
Year: 2020


V: Congratulations!
J: Announcing the entrance of the Billboard No. 1 artists!
V: Enter!
Bang PD: Congratulations.
J: Oh, were you already recording?
JH: I can’t believe you’re calling us Billboard No. 1 artists.
JK: Wow! Really!
V: Happy birthday as well.
JK: Oh, yes.

JH: Hey, you got a No. 1 on Billboard on your birthday.
RM: It’s a proper birthday gift.
JK: Exactly.
J: Looks like Jungkook won’t need any more gifts.
JK: This is kind of unbelievable… Does this make any sense?
RM: Exactly, he doesn’t need them anymore, we’ve all given him gifts now.
JK: The best—
JH: The Billboard No.1 is the present.
JK: I’ve received the best birthday present of my entire life.

JK: Ah, what is happening?
JH: Does it get officially posted today, the 1st of September?
JK: I’m really experiencing so many happy events one after another.
V: It’ll probably pop up on Thursday? On the charts officially.
RM: They say it’s on Saturday.
V: Oh~
S: Ah, I’m sorry. This Billboard No. 1 artist is here too late—
JH: I told you— I told you (he’d do this), didn’t I?
S: I went to the bathroom.
RM: Please say a few words.

J: What an amazing few words those were.
S: Is this how you treat a Billboard No. 1 artist? There isn’t anywhere for me to sit— oh no, oh no.
RM: Hyung, there are six other No. 1 artists who arrived and took their seats before you.
S: It was good for my health.
RM: How was it for everyone? I very calmly went to bed early yesterday.
S: It seems like my health got better.

JH: I’m the kind to sleep late so—
J: Me too, I saw what Namjoon sent, then I popped a bottle open, drank it, and then went to sleep.
RM: I mean, in the group chat I—
S: I couldn’t sleep at all.
RM: I sent it the minute it was released but nobody responded!
S: It’s because I was crying—
RM: I was like, “Are you sleeping?!”
S: I was crying at the time, I’m sorry.

JK: To be honest, I didn’t know it would be released today.
V: Me too. Actually, I thought Tuesday was today, so I didn’t know, ‘cause I’ve lost track of what day it is.
RM: The time difference, because of the time difference.
JM: I thought it was going to be released around dinnertime.
V: That’s right, me too.
J: I thought it was going to be released at 1:30 in the afternoon today.
JM: Actually, I was just thinking “Oh, it would be nice if it happened”.
RM: Don’t you suddenly feel like retiring?

V: Announce it right now! “Retirement Ceremony”.
RM: Through a skit? That would be legendary.
S: I’m going to make music till I die.
RM: Lifetime job.
JH: So, are we going to go have a drink? What are we doing—
RM: After we’re done, let’s—
V: We’ve got to go have a drink.
S: After we’re done let’s go have a small, quick drink.

RM: Let’s just get a quick drink, I think it’ll be good.
V: But even Billboard No. 1 artists can’t get dance practice cancelled.
JH: Cancel dance practice?
S: Of course, we’ve got to practice our choreography.
JH: Let’s just do a quick one and then call it a day.
RM: That’s right.
JM: Yes, well—
JK: What are we doing today?

JH: Stuff we’ve done before.
JK: Ah.
J: DNA and—
JH: No More Dream. (x2)
JM: Ah, No More Dream. Okay, let’s stop, everyone, there’s no need to worry!
RM: Oh, this is our project to find our roots. When we got No.1, we were practicing No More Dream.
S: Look at him talking about our roots!
RM: No, hyung, think about how cool it sounds. These Billboard No. 1 artists, on the very same day they were practicing their debut song. Wow, I really—
V: Hyung, you should write that into lyrics.

RM: How do I do that?
RM: “Today I practiced ‘No More Dream’!”
JM: It is kind of funny, practicing on the day we got No. 1. It’s actually kinda interesting?
RM: Man…
JK: We have to practice!
RM: Ah, when I woke up in the morning I kept looking at the news. Oh man…
S: I couldn’t sleep.
JM: It’s really, really amazing. Everyone, you’re really amazing, everyone.
RM: Really amazing!
J: You’re amazing, everyone!

S: Eh, what’s so amazing about being a Billboard No. 1 artist…
JM: Everyone, you’re amazing.
S: When you put it that way it’s a little upsetting.
JM: Ah, seeing this really makes me want to have a concert.
RM: Hob-ah, is this not what happiness is?
J: Wow, it’s been a while since we’ve said something like that.
RM: Doesn’t it feel different now?

Credits to: Faith, Yein, Aditi, Mary & Denise @ bts-trans