BTS Lyrics

Artist: BTS
Song: Louder than bombs (English Translation)
Year: 2020


It’s become too clear now
The unfamiliar shadow in the midst of those cheers
I probably won’t be able to believe them again
The words that tell me to only look on the bright side

My silent sadness
It shakes me
In my quiet sea
The waves crash in

Louder than bombs I break
The pain that spills over
From the moment I knew that
The expressions on your face weren’t actually what they seemed
Louder than bombs I break

Baby I’m nothin’er than nothin’
Lighter than the light
Don’t you want a thing from me
But you say I’m somethin’er than somethin’
Lighter than the light
Don’t you give up your life
Here I stay, pray
Just for better days
Everyday’s a maze
Wonder if this is my place

Where’s my way?
The ground that keeps shaking
As I fall over on my own, mute
Louder than bombs yeah
I want to tell you that’s the thing about the dark
It exists everywhere, don’t be afraid
Whatever kind of night swallows me up I won’t give up
For you I’ll fight, we’ll shine

You and I feel it all together
Sadness and suffering
It’s not a coincidence, it’s definitely not
Yeah we picked this game

Louder than bombs I say
In front of the world, I’ll say
The moments I turned away from you
The days where I would always run away – no more now
Louder than bombs I say

People say they’re envious of us
The pain I carry is hypocrisy, they say
No matter what I do I’m rolling in shit
If not us, well,
Then who would do it?

Louder than bombs I sing
I promise to both you and me
No matter what waves crash over us
We’ll keep singing ceaselessly to you
Louder than bombs I sing

Credits to: Faith@bts-trans