TO DIE (Eng Trans)


B.I (Hanbin) – TO DIE (English Translation Lyrics)

Year: 2023


No one has the confidence to stick their tongue out
Don’t give advice
You want to talk about music with me
Even a PhD
Pick it out or show moderate reverence
Close your mouth
You guys can’t handle it
The wave I’m riding

A welcome you may never get
I’d rather kill my ego than become a villain
Look straight ahead if you have eyes
How my boos turned into cheers

From darkness to light
This train with a clear destination is one-way
Uh uh, the more you cut, the stronger it gets
What dosen’t kill me makes me stronger
Show and prove, everyone is just lucky
Every trace I leave on this floor
Resuscitation changes to breathing

I watch replicas in awe
Don’t you dare to judge me
‘Cause I’ve never been light-hearted
Behind anonymity in a life-and-death game
Where do the hideous ones get their teeth?
I’m prepared to die

Uh uh uh
Uh uh uh
Grrrrrrra grrrrra ka! ka!
Uh uh uh
I I’m prepared to

Ye ye ye
Look at me look at me now
I call the shot
Nah no matter what
I’m prepared to die
Come rain or shine
I be stayin’ on my grind

To a voluntary exile
Don’t expect politeness
Transitional quality within the level of others in their prime
Cause I don’t pretend
The problems I have are kinda like MacGuffin
Why do you need an explanation for those who don’t deserve it?