Acho PR (Eng Trans)


Bad Bunny – Acho PR (English Translation Lyrics)

Year: 2023


Real G4 Life, baby
The true movement
Guiding the new generations

The crazy ones have arrived, a lot of drug trafficking in the tropics
Real G4 life, the movement remains strong
Kicking the butts of those who are worth nothing
On your speakers, a real son of a bitch is playing
Native of Puertorro (Borinquen), where the vibe is something else
We don’t forget the parties of Virgilio nor Barbosa (Yah)
Direct from Bayamón, the most powerful mafia
Real G4 life, forever, in the mess is where the fun happens
Have a good time, in this paradise you find everything
Little seeds of culture on Sundays in the neighborhood
And we’re always together, the crazy ones and the thugs
Because this is our neighborhood thing
We enter shooting, we’ve been demonstrating many years (Yah)
In the street they know who keeps killing (Uh-huh)
Active gang life, wild girls with El Chivo
Tomorrow is uncertain, but today we’re lit
I have a great time with all the mamis and the delinquents
You’re a demon, I’ve heard
You like chaos, and you know I’m a beast
Here we only plan with the leaders (Yeah)

For my people from the neighborhood
For my people from the projects
For my hitmen crew, oh
Real G4 life foreva (Yeah)
For my people from the neighborhood
For my people from the projects
For my hitmen crew, oh
Man, PR, damn, I love you (Yeah, yah)

Miña’s grandson, raised in BH, Villa, and La Perla
As a child I used to steal all the offerings in church
The neighborhood, the projects, that’s my thing
Like Bryce Harper, always lighting up Phillies
On the corner with the crew every day hustling
Dreaming of being big and avoiding the ugly
From grams to the Grammys, singing at the Choliseo
What? Man, PR, being from here is my greatest trophy, ah
For the babes and the delinquents
For my humble, fine, and cool people
A street thug, I’ll always be, ah-ah-ah-ah
For all the crooks, for all the gangsters

Dude, that’s what I grew up listening to, dude, since I was a kid
Arca, De La, Ñengo
Papi, being here feels amazing, truly
From the heart

For my people from the neighborhood
For my people from the projects
For my hitmen crew, oh
Yeah, uh-huh

Wow, what a beast I’ve become
I have more than enough reasons to say I’m blessed
I understand they envy me, I say it with certainty
I swear there are times I can’t even handle myself
And I’m still the same
The singer, puffing Portobello inside this Wood
The power in person, I’m going to give them the electricity
My own heart didn’t kill me, you’re going to kill me? Yeah (Sheesh!)
My dick they have to suck
I already have it, there’s nothing they have to give me
Yesterday, I started grinding with this crew
And guess what? I had to stop
She wanted to have fun and I brought her to PR
Took her to the neighborhood to shoot with the AR
In the Hellcat, a ride with a trap star
The movie is real, not from Disney or Pixar
Took her to Miramar to see the sea
So she can smoke Portobello with me inside the car
In the jet, all set, by the clouds the internet
Having breakfast in the air, toast and an omelet, yeah

Dude, I came from the hood, that’s why my music is always for the hood
And I’ll be grateful for life because this is all I dreamed ’bout (Ayy, okay, okay, okay, okay, ayy, heh, ayy)

Inspiring the kids, putting pressure on the elders
I always had God close, that’s why I’ve come so far
Veteran and rookie, I give advice to myself
I’m not the goat, I’m The Bunny
Dude, the best
Roberto Clemente, Albert Pujols (Pujols)
Maradona and Messi in the football
But I’m the new star, signed like Sugar and Lindor
Without changing who I am because
Money doesn’t make you, I learned that (That, ayy, ayy)
I know a couple who are struggling and they’re no less than Jeff Bezos
I don’t judge anyone, I know I shouldn’t
But I wish everyone were as humble as Bebo
I’m scared of heights (Shh), heh
That’s why being on top sometimes scares me
I miss those days with Eladio at Las Justas
We both made it, life isn’t so unfair (No)
My respects to those hustling and always looking out
The kids are active, so don’t show off
For the talent scouts looking for another Bad Bunny
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Another one like me, in the next century
My name is going in museums, it’s going in the books
I’m the star of my island, that’s why I shine
Don’t talk to me about votes, all of PR is my crew
Thanks again for loving me so much
Traveling the whole world, but I always come back to singing
Everyone knows that it’s you I always sing to
That I’m still the same
Who sat in La Perla with my grandma
That I prefer singing for free in Loíza than at Coachella
Thanks to God, I achieved everything I dreamed of in school
Thank you, God, for putting in my path
Jan, Noah, and Gabriela, ayy
That’s why I don’t ask for much when I go to bed
I ask God for health, that I’ll handle the rest
Yes, amen, I’ll handle the rest, ayy
Because no one knows when the sun will fall
I wish to forever embrace Benito Isabel
Always be there for Bernie and Bysael, heh
Learn, grow, mature, age
Have the confidence in my son of three
No, no, no, that was Gabriel, haha, ey
God bless you

Credits to: Genius


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