End of the Empire IV (Sagittarius A*)

Arcade Fire – End of the Empire IV (Sagittarius A*)(Song Lyrics)

Year: 2022


I unsubscribe
I unsubscribe
This ain’t no way of life
I don’t believe the hype
She unsubscribes
She unsubscribes
She says “There’s diamonds in your eyes”
High on her own supply
She says “The air we’re breathin’ is from an exhaust pipe
Just a prototype”

Midway through life (Unsubscribe)
Virgil said let’s take a ride (Unsubscribe)
You’ll need a divine guide (Ain’t no way of life)
‘Cause this inferno’s hyperdrive (Don’t believe the hype)
And the dreams in your head
The algorithm prescribed
Do you feel alright?

Your heroes are selling you underwear
And little white pills for your despair
Little black space between the stars
Dream of crashing expensive cars
One Christ child and one on the way
Why don’t we name her Sagittarius A*
What a pretty name

We unsubscribe (Unsubscribe)
Fuck season five (Unsubscribe)
And anyway
The clothes don’t fit me right (Ain’t no way of life)
Must be the wrong body type (Don’t believe the hype)
And the space where they say
Heaven is has gone away
Sagittarius A*
We’ll see one day
What’s on the other side