Blind Love (Eng Trans)


&TEAM – Blind Love (English Translation Lyrics)[Dr. Chocolate Theme Song]

Year: 2023


I’ve been thinking about you
Like the sound of the wind swaying the trees
Even though I can’t see anything, my heart is throbbing somewhere

I’m curious about the sky, but Don’t know why
The clouds that are washed away No one knows what lies ahead

What will happen to me in the future?
What do you want to do with me from tomorrow?
Love is unknown

When it starts, one day suddenly
It begins before one knows it
I don’t realize that I’m under the sunlight leaking through the trees
Where am I? Too late to cry

Blind Love, I can’t say I love you this much
Blind Love, so painful, I can’t resist
I can’t find the way out of love, so I have no choice but to move on
This love is Blind Love

True love is a one-sided thought

Full translation soon!