Aimer – Zankyo Sanka (English Translation)[Demon Slayer / Kimetsu no Yaiba Yuukaku-hen Opening]

Year: 2021


​​​ ​Who bloomed on the sleeve, a phantom flower, just dropped love there​ ​​
​​​ ​With a silvery vermilion moon to melt the colors in a showy way​ ​​

​​​ ​​Rolling in the wind, growing stronger with each stumble​ ​​
​​​ ​​Embracing all the light, pain and anger​ ​​
​​​ ​If you can’t be chosen, you can choose​ ​​

​​​ ​Roar, my voice, beyond the night, blotted with tears​​
​​​ ​​Let it reverberate to the landscape so far away​ ​​
​​​ ​What do you want to play, to whom do you want to deliver it, it’s okay to be​ ​​uncertain​ ​​
​​​ No matter how dark the feeling, no matter how long the struggle​ ​​
​​​ ​Sing and reverberate​

​​​ ​No one will be wrong for a thousand nights
​​​ ​​As I reveal the endless colors, the crimson scent is all that is lovely​
​​​​No matter how hard it gets from here on out, I’ll always put my heart on the​​​ ​line rather than talk about it
​​​ ​I’m just going to follow all the lights of my dream​ ​​
​​​​You didn’t come all this way just to run away

​​​ ​​If you can’t be chosen, you can choose​

​​​ ​If I shine on the darkness like a burning flower with my voice dying​ ​​
​​​ ​I’ll make a score of the world that’s too vague​ ​​
​​​ ​​Counting the nights and painting the mornings, I’ll make a vivid sound
​​​ ​​No matter how deep the regret, no matter how high the limit​ ​​
​​​ ​​Drown out the reverberations​

Credits to: Kirasa