Artist: Agust D (SUGA)
Song: Honsool (English Translation)
Album: D-2
Year: 2020


Today as well, done with the day’s work
I return home right away
When I go in my room
It’s time to fully face me
The room full of silence
After I’m done showering
I detoxify with a drink
Maybe a drink’s the way to end a day that I can’t quite remember

An exhausting day, I somehow pushed through
A head-splitting schedule, hmm this is the third or fourth in a week, uh
Let’s drink just enough then go to bed, well it’s not like I can sleep anyway
I’ll just worry about tomorrow’s stuff when tomorrow comes, fuck I don’t care

Now I’m feelin’ like I’m flyin’
Now I’m feelin’ like I’m flyin’

I end up not having any snacks, since I feel like I’ll throw up if I put something inside me
Since the alcohol’s kicking in, let’s get honest about my life
Oh yeah money, reputation, wealth
Trophies and stadiums too
It’s scary sometimes
And it makes me want to run away from it all, hm
Thought that I’d live life partying everyday if I became a superstar
Expectations freely hitting reality on the back of the head
It doesn’t matter, anyway, well
Tomorrow comes again, it gets dark
Whether it’s this kind of me or that kind of me
I’ll hang in there another day

Now I’m feelin’ like I’m flyin’
Now I’m feelin’ like I’m flyin’

Credits to: Aditi, Yein @ bts-trans