Take Over (Eng Trans)


Artist: A Day To Remember, MAX, Henry
Song: Take Over (English Translation)
Album: Take Over
Year: 2020


We at the top again, now what?
Heavy lay the crown, but
Count us
Higher than the mountain
And we be up here for the long run
Strap in for a long one
We got everybody on one
Now you’re coming at the king
so you better not miss
And we only get stronger
With everything I carry up on my back,
you should paint it up with a target

Why would you dare me
to do it again?
Come get your spoiler up ahead

We’re taking over,
We’re Taking Over
Look at you come at my name,
you ‘oughta know by now
That We’re Taking Over,
We’re Taking Over
Maybe you wonder what
you’re futures gonna be, but
I got it all locked up

Take a lap, now
Don’t be mad, now
Run it back run it back run it back, now
I got bodies lining up,
think you’re dreaming of greatness?
Send you back home,
let you wake up

After all, what still exists
except for fights
Around me, the keyboard is
clicking, the clock is ticking
Still not enough,
let me protect your persistence
Do not worry about
the future even if it’s too late
Let out the fight, right at this moment
I got the heart of lion
I know the higher you climbing,
the harder you fall
I’m at the top of the mountain
Too many bodies to count,
I’ve been through it all
I had to weather
the storm to get to level I’m on
That’s how the legend was born
All of my enemies already dead
I’m bored, I’m ready for more
They know I’m ready for war
I told em

Official translation.