7PM (Eng Trans)


BSS (Hoshi, DK & Seungkwan) – 7PM aka Listen to it at 7 o’clock (English Translation Lyrics) feat. Peder Elias

Year: 2023


Tell me today
From the dull morning
I missed the bus for 10,000 won
I had to take a taxi
Rush hour
I want to know your expression
A load of work and relationships
After eating, I close my eyes
I’m curious about your appearance and your day

Things that seldom go your way
Even a math problem, you can’t solve it
The formula between us is right here

Meet on Han River at 7PM
You and I must meet before the moon comes
Our answer is here in front of our eyes
After a long, long day, the two of us meet
One drink for a day tired of jokes
The night comes too soon
Stop the time
Be here with me

I’m tryna stay afloat but I’m in deep
Oh, I’m so tired I can’t even sleep
Oh, and I never prioritize my wants and needs
So it goes, on and on, just like a melody

And I keep saying okay (Okay)
I never listen to my own heart
I do whatever they say (They say)
While looking like you’re happy as hell
(Oh, I) I really hope that you feel the same
(Oh, I) Tonight

Come meet me at seven
And stay ’til eleven
But won’t go to bed then
‘Cause this feels like heaven
Yeah, it’s true though
Kinda cool so
Let’s just stay right here tonight (Let’s just stay right here)
At seven in my house
We’ll sing both our lungs out (Oh)
And dance to the moonlight
‘Cause everything feels right (Oh-oh)
Been a long day
But it’s okay
‘Cause at seven you will be
Be here with me

Oh no
Oh-oh-oh, you will be here with me

Credits to: Genius

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