Carpe Diem (Eng Trans)


Artist: 3RACHA
Song: Carpe Diem (English Translation)
Album: Carpe Diem
Year: 2020


I don’t need to tremble with anxiety,
I just came here to rap after a while
With just enough nervousness,
I mic drop on top of CB hyung’s track
I’m just gonna do it, if I enjoy my mistakes, that becomes a skill too
With the decibel of my useless thoughts turned down,
I aim at the goals in front of my 2 eyes bang

If you don’t do it now, who can guarantee it
That’s why you should just enjoy your time the way you want
Tomorrow’s work is tomorrow’s work just do it the way you want bro

Be me, get a hobby or watch TV, just be loyal to the present and get out of your Daily life
Turn your reality upside down and only then you’ll see your inner peace oww

Carpe diem let’s get down and play around
Who cares, go back like we’re alive just for today
No matter what just do it
Bungee jump into the vibe as you feel it
Flow with it unconsciously, don’t live like time is chasing you
Even if I fail, I’m moving forward

Credits to: @skzphorias


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