DEMO.2 (Eng Trans)


Artist: 131 (B.I)
Song: DEMO.2 (English Translation)
Album: DEMO.2
Year: 2020


How are you doing?
I had forgotten about you all this time,
but suddenly I’m curious of how you’re doing.
You had such a difficult time by my side, I now wish
for you to meet someone nice and put a smile on
your face.

Now that you had already left,
I wished for you to be happy.
But I still had some greed left in me,
so I actually hoped you didn’t do so well.

When you tell me that you’re doing well,
When you tell me that you aren’t doing well,
It’s news that makes my heart ache.

Your life that you say is quite worth living,
And your heart that you say is “just whatever”,
It’s news that just makes me tear up.

Credits to: @big_seunghyun