Artist: 지코 (ZICO)
Song: Extreme (English Translation)
Album: THINKING Part. 1
Year: 2019


So many songs
So many curses
So many cheers
So many silences
So many people on my side
So many enemies
So many helps
So many rejections
So many achievements
So many prejudices
So many respects
So many sympathies
So many welcomes
So much discrimination
My work with many variables
I just can’t be proud of it
I dipped my feet deeply
Below my knee there’re
doctor fishes competing to bite me
I was like a loach
Now I eat the pyramid
of the food chain
Like a piece of cake
and burp loudly
Rather than what watch I’m wearing
How to use the time matters more
While you’re hesitating I put a lot of
effort into each letter of the lyrics
It’s been a while since I quit shopping
Most of my outfits are free gifts
I only spend money on gifts for friends
or wages for my employees
My haters would be disappointed
If you watch my interviews and documentaries,
you’ll see I’m far from a gangster
Woo Ji Ho’s real behavior
The delusions of netizens
ZICO has two personalities
So what

I’m an idol singer and a rapper
I’m likeable and unlikeable
Opposite extremes
I can’t belong to any side
Once a year I’m dead
and resurrected
Am I ghost? Am I zombie?
What’s left is
the spirit or the body
My half-baked gimmick as
a pretentious new singer
Created an ambiguous image
So sometimes I regret it
I’m gossiped about every day
Maybe the drop zone will
be the cold bare ground
Ha ha ha high risk high return
Shall I make a U turn?
As I hesitate I put gear into D
Severely pay for the name
Even if I’m in a crisis
I’m so witty
I hit and crash
without a safety device
I’m getting tough Never die

After twists and turns
I feel a state of ecstasy
I skipped the chorus
I’ll leave the rest to you

Official translation.