SuicideBoys Lyrics

Artist: $uicideBoy$
Song: All Dogs Go to Heaven
Album: Stop Staring at the Shadows
Year: 2020


Northside shorty pull up in a drop top
3 AM with the night back drop
Popping on pills like I pop cough drops
Multi-millionaire all from my laptop
Slob on my knob until your jaw lock
Came a long way from rocks in my sock
Moon walk on the block
While I’m sipping on Wok
Took a whole year off and we still on top
Still the same boy that came from Jeffer Street
Still the best friend that the devil keep
Always burning up
Triple six degrees
Lock Scarecrow in hell and throw away the key

As the years go by
Another day closer to death
Time is ticking

As the years go by
All the things that you were gonna do
You never did ’em
Now you’re wondering how come they never listen whenever you’re talking
Look who the fuck just walked in
Time to clear the air
Fuck that
I’ll be coughing until my coffin
And in my coffin I won’t toss and turn
Instead I’ll rest
I’ve earned some sleep
Let me dream up sheep
Release me into the deep
Cover up my head with the sheet
As the years go by
The same fuck girls will be fucking the same fuck boys
As the years go by
The same heroes you once had have been reduced to a toy
As the years go by
The drugs used to be fun
Now, they’ve become a problem
As the years go by
Before your life even begun
Now, it’s coming undone

Tic Toc
Tic Toc
Tic Toc
Tic Toc

Tic Toc
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