Jooheon Lyrics 가사

Artist: 주헌 (Jooheon)
Song: Manito (English Translation)
Album: DWTD
Year: 2018

Unnoficial Lyrics

I spend it every time make a song every night
The composing studio in Seorau Maeul is my home
Friends, come over, you‘ll like it, because beer is overflowing in the refrigerator
Today, as well, I lay my chin on my two arms on the table, the cool music that I’m listening
to makes my mood good, it’s the best
The boss of the music that’s resounding behind my head from sleeping in, yeah it‘s so
( )
Rip apart your throat, the pop filter that’s left from the traces of screaming
I rap, I also sing, I’m a motherfucking mic killer
lf you rest for too long ( ), is it not?
I’m rapping all day, I’m dancing all day
More than just my occupation, I do it because it‘s fun
( )
Recently all of you are the same, doing music because of money and hiding behind your
Feel music everyone, feeling music everyone
If only you can feel it from within your heart that‘s enough for me
The talents that God has bestowed upon me, I pray to my Lord
The fans who have given love to those talents, thank you

The reason that l rap is this passion that makes me all heated, energy, We got a lot of
I work hard to show it to the audience for the energy
Overturn the world, and let others view my parody
My songs and my life that are resonating
The memo notes in my computer have become my diary
It’s SAM and ldidn’t realise time had passed
And as I’m before a mic, I catch my breath
Only if you go without rest can your skills improve
Laziness is strangling me at the neck
To do it all till the end, all of my talents
Underneath the spotlight on the stage, all of me
( ) My manito
Studio, yeah it’s my manito
Rap. yeah it‘s my matte
Dance, yeah it’s my manito
Manito Manito x 3

Translation thanks to @kihyunghyuks.

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