EXO Lyrics 가사

Artist: 엑소 (EXO)
Song: 24/7 (English Translation)
Album: Don’t Mess Up My Tempo
Year: 2018


“Bye” after sending you off at night
as expected I’m tossing and turning all night long
At first, I think something must be wrong with me,
why does this feel so different to me?

The countless days I spent alone,
this air I had grown used to,
in one moment it pushes right in,
like the light of the yellow lightbulb in my small room,
you warmed me up

*I think about it 24/7
I’m sorry, even after sending it off, you aren’t calling me
I think about it 24/7
I can’t shake this empty feeling
It’s a long day
I dream next to you
You’re all I think of 24/7
I’m burning up, I’m going crazy, bit by bit I’m dying

You’re stuck in my head,
and ice is stuck in your heart
What did you think of all day long?
Now it’s time for me to hurt

Why are you fine all on your own,
saying you’re not missing out?
You know everyone tells you you’re too cold,
thinking you’re too good for everyone else, yeah.
You know it’s not nice, so you want to fix it,
even though it’s just you not being good to me
You’re not cold, you’rejust bad to me


The love movie scenes seemed so cliche,
so why were you smiling at all of them?
I’ve changed since this started,
and you put up with that too, didn’t you?
I have nothing,
and now ¡ let the tears flow
I can’t take a day, or even an hour,
I miss you so much



Translation thanks to itshysterie.