Chanyeol EXO Lyrics

Artist: mq x Loey (Chanyeol)
Song: I’M FINE (English Translation)
Album: I’M FINE
Year: 2020


You become a bird and fly in the sky
You become the wind and embrace me
You become the sky and watch me
You become the moonlight today and you shine on me
I’m doing fine
Your traces still remain clear and twinkle quietly

Uh uh…

I’ll tell you first I missed you
Let’s just say anything
It’s not too bad to fade
We were staying

I speak like a habit on a phone that has been turned off
I trace my memories and go back to that day and talk alone
To prevent it from fading out
If I can go back in a short time like sunlight shining through the window
I want to speak comfortably

Uh uh…
Ah ah…

Official translation.

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